Step 1

Set up merchandise and inventory

You can set item name, image, description, and inventory just like any other shopping cart software.

You have the flexibility to set amounts and discounts and even taxes, and you can also set prepayments and debt

Step 2

Set up product mix

Each shopping link can create multiple items. You can create shopping links for a single item or for multiple product combinations, and set separate amounts, discounts, and taxes for each product.

The resulting shopping link you create generates a portfolio of products and combines all of them for payment

Step 3

Link and Share

Create a shopping cart link that you can share with anyone, or you can directly share a link with a preview of the item on Facebook or Twitter.Even cooler, you can generate an invoice with a QR code for guests to scan on their mobile devices for payment


It's free

It's all free, you don't have to pay for it individually, as long as you get a PaySia account, you can use it

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