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How can get a merchant account quickly?

All you need to do is prepare the complete documentation as required, and approval can be obtained in as little as 24 hours. So documents are the most important.

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What need to prepare to apply for a PaySia merchant account?

The documents we need are different in different countries and regions, but you must have them anyway
Certificate of Business register
Articles of association
Company Website
Business bank account
Proof of tax / VAT registration
UBO Proof of identity
UBO Proof of address
Directors Proof of identity
Directors Proof of address
Power of attorney (if such)
Proof of domain ownership
Processing history statement (if such)
Ownership structure
Licence/authorisation(if applicable)
Business Plan

Just 4 steps to get a merchant account

When you're ready, it's easy to get a merchant account by following the steps below,It is worth noting that you may be asked to add additional materials during this process
Contact sales and start applying

First of all, you need to contact our salesman and reach an agreement with him on the details of cooperation. He will tell you how to start the application

Contact Sales
Submit the application and wait for compliance review

Submit all your affectionate materials and we will transfer to the Compliance review department to review your company and business. If there are no problems, you will be approved

Supplementary information as requested

If we have some doubts about your company and business during the compliance review process, we may ask you to provide more information to assist in the compliance review

Approve and obtain MID

After completing all reviews, you will be approved to use the merchant account, and you will be approved to use the payment method

Some notes on the document

A lot of people, when they first apply, don't know how to prepare the document, but actually it's very simple, the point is how do you interpret it
Certificate of Incorporation
This is a legal document that contains the legal name of your company, the date of incorporation and other information.  It is issued by a government department.  Different countries have different forms of government issued documents.
Articles of association
A company's articles of association (AoA, called articles of incorporation in some jurisdictions) is a document which, along with the memorandum of association (in cases where it exists) form the company's constitution, and defines the responsibilities of the directors, the kind of business to be undertaken, and the means by which the shareholders exert control over the board of directors.
Registration Information
This document contains information that is registered at the time of the company's registration, including the company's name, the company's registered address, and shareholder or beneficiary information. Some countries even indicate information such as equity ratio and registered capital in their documents
Shareholding structure
This is a very important document, it contains the holdings of all the beneficiaries of the company, usually more than 25% of the beneficiaries will be required to provide identification documents
Register of shareholders or directors
Many countries require companies to have directors, and directors assume the legal obligations of the company, so the register of directors will show all the information of directors, usually requires a director to provide his identity document
Directors appoint and authorize representatives
Of course, the appointment of the director is a formal and serious resolution, so the appointment of the director is also a relatively important document. In addition to the appointment of directors, if the signatory is an authorized representative, we also need a letter of authorization
Proof of identity
We ask for the identity documents of the beneficiaries holding more than 25% shares and the directors. He must be a passport (this can be an ID card or green card in the UK or EU, or a driver's license in the US).
Address proof document
We need proof of the address of the company and the beneficiaries as well as the directors. It can be a bank statement, a utility bill. It must have the name and address on it.
Certificate of Domain name Ownership
Proof of domain name ownership can be a certificate issued by the domain name registration Authority or information retrieved from the domain Name retrieval authority that contains the ownership of the domain name
Bank account certificate
It is a certificate of account opening when you open a commercial bank account, which contains the bank information and account holder information as well as the opening time
Financial Statements
Financial statements provide a good picture of your company's past operations, so providing financial statements can be very helpful in getting a merchant account
Historical transaction processing
It is a record of transaction processing when you used other payment processors in the past. It can well show your past transaction status, so that we can judge whether there is any violation of your transaction
Company's Tax documents
The company tax document is required. It contains the tax number issued by the tax authority. In the UK it may be a UTR, in the EU it may be a VAT, in the US it may be an EIN
Social Security number or taxpayer identification number
We may ask the UBO or director to provide his SSN or TIN
Business Plan
For start-ups, a business plan is the most powerful tool you can use to get a merchant account. Because start-ups don't have any financial data, we can't determine the transaction information you filled in when you applied. However, if you have a business plan, we can find some information available in your business plan book to determine whether your business is possible.
Agreement of Cooperation
Sometimes we may ask you to provide some cooperation agreements, such as the agreement between you and the supplier and the agreement between you and the logistics service provider, in order to better judge whether your business is actually operated.
License / Authorization
If your business involves a situation that requires a license or authorization, we will ask you to provide a license or authorization.
Depending on the requirements of the compliance review, you may be asked to add additional information

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