Send Billing to customer and make payment

An electronic bill is emailed to the customer, or a direct link is sent, and the customer can pay online or by bank transfer


What can Billing do?

Billing can be a tool to simplify your finances and make it easier for you to collect money from your clients

Send one-time invoice
You can set a one-time bill to be sent and set a due date so that customers can pay through the bill at any time.
Set up a subscription billing
You can set periodic billing. The system automatically sends bills to customers regularly
Support  multiple languages
Support for displaying billing information in different languages.  13 languages are supported
Details of bill
Set up details for your bill such as branding, collection items, amount, payment method, and bank account
Customer Information
Set up your customer , such as name, email, phone, brand information, bank account, address, etc
Adding Contact
By add your frequent customers as contacts, you can quickly select customers when send up your billing
Get started

Send a bill in just 3 steps

No complicated setup is required, it's already integrated with the payment method, and you just need to add a new bill to the merchant dashboard

Create a New bill
Create a new Bill in the Bill and select the billing method
Set up the bill
Set up billing details and customer information
Sending a bill
Save and send the bill, and it will be sent to the customer's email