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Our story

Since our decision, we have always believed that God is never partial to anyone, the world is full of opportunities, and we work with many ordinary people to compete for the few opportunities; but we want to help those who are also seeking opportunities and businessmen, we try our best to provide them with solutions and opportunities, so that they can get more benefits through us;

Every one of our colleagues is a member of the general public. We cherish every business opportunity. We will not treat you differently because you are a novice or a mature enterprise. We cherish every cooperation opportunity we obtain.


Build a Team

When mobile payment was just emerging, we set up a team and tried to start the mobile payment business

1M+ transactions in total

In the last two years, we've worked with some of the payment giants to create more than 1M+ transactions



Try to expand Globally

We try to provide services to our global customers and gradually expand our business globally

Money service license

We are officially registered as a money service organization to upgrade our services while seeking compliance and business development



Enable the PaySia brand

We have officially launched the PaySia brand and, barring accidents, it will continue in the future

PaySia in numbers
Rate of approval

Merchant accounts have a higher approval rate

Market coverage

Covering more than 50% of the world's countries and regions

Faster start

Start your business faster and get a head start in the market

Number of transactions

Past few years, a total of 1M+ transactions have been created

Total funding

Accumulated amount of processing exceeded $1M+

Time of operation

Even in the toughest times, we never stopped

Company values

Do everything possible to help customers achieve sales growth, is our goal, we continue to work hard to this end

Join our team
Focus on the customer

Customer - centered, according to the actual needs of customers and help customers solve problems

Build trust

Build trust with customers and provide them with necessary help in the process of business development

Market Opportunities

Help customers obtain merchant accounts and do your best to help customers win market opportunities

Compliance review

We follow strict compliance reviews and try our best to insulate risks before they occur and avoid losses

Precise risk control

Precise risk control measures, as far as possible to avoid the financial loss caused by fraudulent transactions

Boost sales growth

Improve market coverage and payment experience, assist marketing and promote sales growth

Our Place of work

If you would like to join us, you can choose to work anywhere

33 Broadwick St, London, W1F0DQ, UK
Remote work
Join us from anywhere. Remote-friendly environment
130 Madison Ave, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10016

We are hiring

We welcome people from all over the world who are interested in joining us. We hope you can find your life value here.

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